Pot spominov in tovarištva - Zeleni prstan / Path of Rememberance and Comradeship - The Green Ring

Location description

The Path of Rememberance and Comradeship (Pot spominov in tovarištva), which is also referred to as the Green Ring (Zeleni prstan), is a well-maintained gravel-paved recreational footpath running around the entire city.

The 33-kilometre path, which crosses both urban areas and the surrounding meadows and forests, runs along the course of the barb wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during World War II (from 1942 onwards), when the Italian and later German occupying forces tried to prevent contacts between the city and its hinterland. The barb wire fence was guarded by around 1,300 soldiers and 400 policemen, who checked the identity papers of those travelling to and from the city.

The Path was completed in 1985. Since the liberation of the city until 1962, 102 memorial octagonal stones were laid along the line where the wire fence ran during the occupation. These marked the positions of the bunkers of the occupying army. The designer of the memorial stones was the architect Vlasto Kopač. The PST is presently 4m wide and covered with gravel. Along the green area adjacent to the PST 7,400 trees of 49 tree species have been planted.

The Path is waymarked by signboards with the map of the Path and round steel posts built into the ground along the length of the Path. Every year on 9 May, a celebration day for Ljubljana, the traditional Recreational March along the Path around Ljubljana (Pohod po Poti okoli Ljubljane) takes place to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Ljubljana after World War II.

The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship is inviting all year round. The most popular form of recreation on it is walking and jogging. Cycling is also permitted with standard wheels on condition that pedestrians are not endangered. During snowy winters, along the PST in Koseze, Murgle, the BS-3 residential area and in Zadvor, at the foot of Sv. Urh hill, cross-country ski tracks are provided.

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